About us

Digitalization, diversification of the portfolio or the increasing importance of international markets as revenue driver – today’s media world is characterized by complexity and speed.

Where are we heading to?
What is the competition doing?
What trends will prevail? – And, am I on the right track?!

The formula for competitive advantage is orientation and knowledge.

  • The VDZ Academy:
    Founded 1993 by the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger), we are the leading training institution for magazine publishers in the German-speaking countries. We provide continuous education and performance enhancement for all management levels as well as specialists and executives from the media and publishing industry.
  • From practitioners for practitioners:
    Through a close collaboration with a large network of national and international experts, we guarantee a high practical relevance of the topics we offer.
  • Medias seismograph:
    At an early stage we identify industry-relevant topics about future trends, new business models, and market relevant developments.
  • More than a glimpse into the future:
    With our wide range of seminars, certification courses and summits/congresses, we provide an overview of current trends as well as solutions for the media and publishing market.
  • Best practices from around the world:
    Our international publishing tours bring you directly into the epicenter of exciting media markets with innovative business models, new monetizing strategies and unique best practices.
  • The network:
    We connect our customers and partners from across the publishing industry and the advertising industry with each other, helping you to maintain a professional and relevant peer-to-peer exchange.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the event management industry:
    As a service provider, we are more than happy to organize and run your conferences and events.