Andreas Finborud

Publishing Director, Schibsted Media Group

Andreas Finborud is an experienced media executive from Norway specialised in magazines, newspapers and digital media in positions including director of sales, marketing director and publishing director at Aftenposten, Schibsted and at Budstikka Media – both leading Norwegian media companies with Schibsted one of the most innovative media companies worldwide.

Andreas is vastly experienced in leading innovation projects such as new print and other physical media product, loyalty programmes and digital product launches. In recent years, his department has been awarded several distinctions, including “Best new magazine” at Norway’s Media Awards, “Best new product” and “best profit center” at INMA New York and London, “Best international newspaper” at the British News Awards and several distinctions for “Innovations of the Year” within Schibsted Media Group.

Andreas currently runs a growth media department within Schibsted focusing on high profit niche magazines and newspapers. The department also runs the digital magazine streaming product MAGASIN+, awarded as one of its most innovative products by Schibsted in 2016.