Xavier van Leeuwe

Director Marketing and Data, NRC Media

Xavier van Leeuwe has over ten years of experience as a marketing executive at NRC, Telegraaf Media Groep, and de Persgroep. At the Amsterdam-based news organisation NRC, Xavier lead the transformation of his team by building a customer-centric and data-rich culture at a news organisation with 189 years of heritage. Prior to being a media executive, he worked for several years as a financial and political journalist in the Netherlands. Xavier started his career as a researcher for the United Nations in Geneva. He has been a speaker at several conferences in Europe, the United States, and South America. Xavier is an active marketing tech blogger for INMA.org and publishes a weekly free newsletter you can subscribe to at Changemediaforgood.com. Xavier holds a cum laude master’s in Business Administration and a degree in Journalism from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

NRC Media is a Dutch news organisation that was founded in 1828. There are 7.5 million households in the Netherlands and 2.4 million newspaper copies distributed daily. NRC has over 265,000 active subscribers. Its news web site, NRC.nl, generates over 20 million monthly page views. The company has 360 employees, and its revenue ratio is 81 percent subscriber income and 19 percent advertising.