Ryan David Mullins

Digital Strategist | ehem. Mitgründer, Beam AG/Bastei Lübbe | readfy

Ryan sets the company vision and strategic direction as well as overseeing the user experience at Project [x]. He left academia to enter the startup world in 2012 when he co-founded readfy, the first ad-financed eBook application. He’s passionate about the future of mobile computing, Internet of Things, exponential technologies, and artificial intelligence. He’s published academic articles, written screenplays, and led community-based educational programs (Logic as a Way of Life). He has advanced degrees in both philosophy and informatics. Last year he published Computational Worlds: An Information Ontology. He’s currently writing a new manuscript entitled The Exponentials. The latter investigates a number of companies who’ve leveraged exponential technologies to achieve exponential growth. Spare time activities: devouring books, movies, TV shows; Raspberry Pi, games and puzzles.